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  ¿Sin empleados?   ¿Sin oficina?   ¿Sin horario?  

En TripleG there are no employees:

We are a specialists network who collaborate together on various projects.

In each project we select the specific team for this project, so the client does not have to pay employees who are not require for the development of his project.



In TripleG there is no office:

Studies have shown that working with flexible hours and from their chosen environment increased productivity compared to those working with fixed working hours in an office.

Thus ... we eliminate the office!

And with no offices, the client will not pay indirect costs, only the actual and real cost of his project.


In TripleG there is no office hours:

Optimizing the working time and production.

We eliminate unnecessary meetings, long working sessions, hours of transportation ...

The client will only pay for actual hours of production of his project.